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Dette barn fortjener kun det bedste af det bedste, og skal derefter forkæles med en lækker, blød og lun baby dyn fra N'sleep. Den er 100% økologisk og uden kemi.
Måler: 70 x 100 cm.
Hvorfor DU skal vælge kapok produkter fra N'sleep 
  • Fordi kapok er 100% Økologisk.
  • Fordi kapok is Sustainable.
  • Fordi det er Økologi Bolsteret er GOTS-certificeret økobomuld.
  • Fordi miljø Støvmider, bacteria and fungus spores only thrive in humid environments, and therefore can not live in the moisture free kapok.
  • Fordi Kapokfibre har en meget lang holdbarhed. Since it does not absorb moisture, it will never mold or could form fungal spores in the quilt.
  • Isolerende Kapok works to isolate and reflect the heat from the body in a comfortable way, so your child keeps the heat - without getting sweaty.
  • Ventilerende Kapokken is ventilating and is transportable, and your child can use hood products all year long.
  • Warm Kapok does not soak moisture, why kapok products always feel dry, soft and warm.
  • Til din komfort og helbred.
  • Fordi you and your family never experience waking at night with a cold or damp duvet, pillow or anything else from N'sleep, but get a more comfortable and restful sleep. And sleep is essential for a good and healthy health.
  • Fordi det er rene produkter
  • Fordi products are free of chemicals, brominated flame retardants and other harmful substances, which can cause allergy to the term.
  • Allergy Kapokprodukter is a particularly suitable choice if your child suffers from dust mite allergy, has skin disorders or just has trouble with hot nights.
  • Bæredygtig produktion Kapoktræet grows in Asia and South America's rainforests. Kapok can be harvested year after year without the trees falling.
  • Fordi you support sustainability when you choose a product with kapok, and help keep the rainforest.
  • Fordi du og dine børn fortjener det bedste af det bedste.
  • They are designed, tested and developed in Denmark.
OBS! Dine lækre produkter fra N'sleep bliver sendt adskilt fra din evt. Other orders and therefore can take a little longer.
N´sleep - Kapok Baby dyne - 100 % Økologisk - 70 x 100 cm
549,00 kr

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